About Us

fotolia 1060176 xsZurgruf Al-Ard is a limited company formed under the 2003 company act of Iraq. Our service is directed towards the treatment of Mines and unexploded ordinance which posed a major problem for the Iraqi people and the future of Iraq.

The company understands the impact of this unexploded ORDNANCE (UXO) and how these menaces are hindering the development of the country and causing human misery.
By building our indigenous capacity aided by local knowledge and experience we will speed up the process of mine clearing freeing large sways of land for agriculture and development.
Zurgruf al-Ard staff are highly trained and equipped with the latest in mine clearing technology to detect and neutralise mines and other ERW (EXPLOSIVE REMNANTS OF WARS). 
Being a local company gave us the edge over our foreign competitors with the following strong points:
1-    Better understanding of the capabilities of the local human resources.
2-    Better understanding of the local geography and possible location of the   mines since most of the cases there are no maps available.
3-    Full understanding of the local culture and the political environment.
4-    Unbeatable rates.