Welcome to Zugruf al-Ard

construction image 1Welcome to Zugruf al-Ard the first established company in Iraq that treats unexploded ordinance and mine clearing. We employ a dedicated team of specialists with years of experience. Moreover Zugruf al-Ard has been responsible for the design and construction of building projects for the private and public sectors.
The aim is to give you an idea of our highly successful track record supported by a number of awards and accolades that serve as a good example of our ability to manage our projects within a variety of constraints.  of our ability to manage singular projects within a variety of con
Over the past two decades Iraq has been through three major wars coupled with international sanctions creating financial difficulities limiting the government’s abilities to fund and execute public projects. The government tended to make increasing use of the private sector in an effort to minimize costs and encourage local expertise to develop private initiatives.
Zugruf al-Ard is involved in many project around the country were experience and a strong heritage have been our main strong points. However we are constantly striving to improve our performance and offer the best service for our customer. to download our profile, please click here